Metal Furniture for Office and Contract - Furniture for business areas


With our metal furniture you can furnish all business areas, from offices to industrial laboratories, from reception areas to meeting spaces, with an industrial timeless style that can be customized with dedicated technical and aesthetic solutions. Our metal furniture is hand-made in our workshops and give to your corporate project an unique and distinctive workplace.

Metal Furniture for Office and Contract - Meeting Room Desk

Team room

Business meeting areas evolve from the traditional institutional approach to innovative support for group activities and creative workshops. Emmesystem meeting tables thanks to simple and minimal design allow multiple layout solutions.

Metal Furniture for Office and Contract - Executive Desk

Private office

The executive office adapts to the innovative organizational needs into an office designed to private activities, where cultivating administrative, creative or research processes that require concentration and confidentiality. Emmesystem executive desks are designed to meet the needs of the contemporary office.

Metal Furniture for Office and Contract - Operative Workstations

Shared office

Traditional operative offices and open-plan offices become places of sharing and collaboration. The shared desk is a support to business activities that is transformed by the alternation of different workers. Emmesystem’s workstations are designed for the needs of contemporary creative office.

Metal Furniture for Office and Contract - Metal bookcases

Storage and filing

The dematerialization of paper documents has radically changed the needs of business archives and operative offices. Cabinets, bookcases and drawers become daily document and space separation elements. Company archives have now a selection of confidential documents or precious samples. Emmesystem metal furnishings are the ideal solution for all storage needs.